Comments on the draft ETASSUM manuals submitted by SPL (including additional SAYE comments from January 2016).

Minutes of meeting between Tax Committee of Share Plan Lawyers Group and HMRC.  Matters discussed include:

  1. Clawback and Malus;
  2. HMRC Guidance on tax-favoured plans;
  3. Set-up costs for tax-favoured plans;
  4. Market value;
  5. 20 Day Rule
  6. Questions on Annual Returns both tax-favoured and non-tax favoured;
  7. SIP restriction/forfeiture question;
  8. Manual related questions – SIP manual;
  9. Manual related questions – SAYE manual;
  10. Manual related questions – CSOP manual;
  11. Manual related questions – EMI manual.

Subjects for discussion include:


  1. Clawback and malus
  2. HMRC guidance for tax-favoured plans
  3. Set up costs for tax-favoured plans
  4. Market value
  5. 20 day Rule
  6. Questions on Annual Rreturns, both tax-favoured and non-tax favoured
  7. SIP restriction/forfeiture question

Manual-related questions:


Request for clarification re:

ESSUM30105 to ESSUM39900 draft with amendments.

Email from Anne H Smith at HMRC giving responses to HMRC comments on HMRC manuals.  In particular specific queries relating to:

SPL submission from February 2014 regarding the draft legislation on tax advantaged employee share schemes for the Finance Bill 2014 published by HMRC and HM Treasury on 10 December 2013.

The draft legislation to which SPL’s comments relate is attached to the end of the submission.

SPL submission to HMRC dated 6 February 2013 regarding draft provisions in the Finance Bill 2013 to implement changes recommended in the OTS report relating to tax advantaged employee share schemes. Matters covered in the submission include:

SPL response dated 17 September 2012 to HMRC’s consultation on the OTS Report on Tax Advantaged Employee Share Schemes published in June 2012

HMRC Consultation: Office of Tax Simplification’s report on tax advantaged employee share schemes – published 27 June 2012


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