Most of the work of Share Plan Lawyers is done through its executive committee and focus groups:

Tax and National Insurance: The Tax & National Insurance Committee is the most active group, liaising with the Inland Revenue for the group’s annual meeting, preparing budget submissions and responding to any tax and national insurance consultation. Direct queries to the Co-Chairs Nicholas Stretch and Graham Muir.

Accounting: The Accounting Committee responds to the UK Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board on including issues like accounting for share-based payments. Direct queries to the chairperson, Janet Cooper.

Corporate and Regulatory: Recent activities of the Corporate and Regulatory Committee include responding to UKLA and ABI on treasury share issues and to EU consultation on directors’ remuneration. Direct queries to the chairperson, Paul Randall.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee meets every six weeks to review member activities and work of the other groups. Direct queries to the chairperson, Jonathan Fenn.

Training and Social Committee: The Training and Social Committee organises training for members of the group. Direct queries to the chair, Sonia Gilbert.

Please send any comments or queries on this website to the Website Committee at



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