Agenda for HMRC Technical Meeting held on 25 January 2011

Agenda for HMRC Technical Meeting. Matters on agenda include:

  1. Disguised Remuneration
    • SPLG paper from December
    • Relevant steps and the application of section 554O
    • Applicaiton of section 554N
    • The application of the new rules to market value/commercial arrangements
  2. HMRC approved schemes
    • The abolition of default retirement age: effect on SAYE schemes
    • Malus clauses in CSOPs
    • Recovery of employer’s NICs in respect of CSOP options
    • Ancillary documents generally
    • EMI options – Finance (No 3) Act 2010 change
  3. Miscellaneous
    • Council service spin-outs
    • HMRC agreement to share valuations – current practice
    • Corporation tax deductions outside Part 12 CTA 2009 (formerly Schedule 23)
    • HMRC requests for information
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