Agenda of a meeting with the Inland Revenue on 24 May 1995

Agenda of a meeting with the Inland Revenue on 24 May 1995. Considers the following:

  • whether shares under an approved Profit Sharing Scheme can be held by a nominee for the trustee;
  • the extent to which the rules of a sharesave scheme can give the directors discretion as to when an option which is more than three years old can be exercised;
  • scaling down of applications for options under a sharesave scheme;
  • whether a TUPE transfer will be treated as a redundancy for tax purposes (Chapman v Elkin);
  • the application of the rollover rule in the Inland Revenue’s model rules to employees of companies which are not participating companies;
  • the capital gains tax position of an acquiring company which grants rolled over options to employees of the bidder;
  • the tax position of sharesave options where the shares acquired are swapped for shares in the bidder under a flip-up article;
  • the provision of stapled stock under approved schemes;
  • the content of the declaration required in connection with approved schemes;
  • the base cost of shares acquired by employees on exercise of options.
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