Minutes of a meeting with HM Revenue & Customs on 12 December 2006

Minutes of a meeting with HM Revenue & Customs on 12 December 2006 to discuss the following:

  • age discrimination, in particular in relation to the meaning of “specified age” with HMRC approved plans for new plans and amending the rules of HMRC approved plans;
  • amending HMRC approved CSOP option scheme rules where the amendment adversely affects options already granted;
  • amending the forfeiture provisions in HMRC approved SIPs;
  • issues relating to residual holdings in QUESTs;
  • forfeitable shares and treaty relief;
  • employment related securities following a takeover;
  • options granted to non residents;
  • corporation tax relief on the exercise of options on the sale of an unlisted company to an unlisted company;
  • inheritance tax and NICs;
  • SIPs and REITs;
  • anti-avoidance disclosure; and
  • EMI options and the independence test.
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