Minutes of a meeting with the Inland Revenue on 11 November 1998

Minutes of a meeting with the Inland Revenue on 11 November 1998. Considers the following:

  • clawback of tax relief under QUESTs;
  • cash cancellation payments by QUEST trustees;
  • capital gains tax for QUEST trustees on disposal of shares and application of D35 to QUESTs;
  • the period within which money received by QUEST trustees must be spent;
  • meaning of “reconstruction or amalgamation” for the purposes of approved schemes;
  • the relationship of the requirement for participants in approved schemes to be full-time and the Companies Act meaning of employees’ share scheme;
  • whether the company can retain discretion as to the exercise of options under a Sharesave Scheme which are more than three years old;
  • the position of SAYE optionholders who leave an associated company before the maturity of their options;
  • how rolled over options count towards the £30,000 limit for CSOPs;
  • the application of Section 140A ICTA to LTIPs.
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