Note of a meeting with the Inland Revenue on 22 February 2000

Note of a meeting with the Inland Revenue on 22 February 2000. Considers:

  • Status of approval of letters to optionholders on takeover etc;
  • Option rollover – section 136 ICTA 1988
  • Definition of “scheme shares” – US limited liability companies and American Depositary Receipts;
  • Meaning of “ordinary shares” – section 832 ICTA 1988 – shares with no right to receive any dividend;
  • Restrictions in a Company’s articles of association and their impact for the purposes of being able to establish an approved CSOP;
  • Transfer Pricing;
  • Share Option Schemes – amendments to terms of share option – Application of Eurocopy and Reed Internationalcases;
  • Income tax charge under section 135 ICTA 1988;
  • Options granted at a discount – application of section 29(2) TCGA 1992;
  • Advance payment for the grant of an option;
  • Determination of “readily convertible assets” and meaning of “trading arrangements”;
  • PAYE and National Insurance – Cash Cancellation payments;
  • National Insurance Regulations – rollover of options;
  • Amendments to Section 165 TGCA 1992 – trusts;
  • Limited Partnerships – acquisition of partneship capital – application of section 79 Finance Act 1972.
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