Notes of Technical Meeting with HMRC on 25 January 2012

Notes of Technical Meeting with HMRC on 25 January 2012 at 10.30 am. Including discussion of:

  1. ESSU
  2. Share Incentive Plans: Notification of Award
  3. Share Incentive Plans: Minimum amount for Partnership Share acquisition
  4. Share Incentive Plans: effect of a demerger of a non-EU company on SIP participants
  5. Share Incentive Plans: cessation of “association” on a demerger
  6. Share Incentive Plans: carry forward of partnership shares for the purposes of awarding matching shares
  7. Share Incentive Plans: meaning of “the same provision”
  8. Approved Schemes: restrictions on shares
  9. Clawback and CSOPs
  10. Clawback and tax recovery
  11. PAYE: Section 222 ITEPA
  12. PAYE: Late Payment and Share Schemes: Reasonable Excuse
  13. PAYE Penalties
  14. PAYE: 0T code proposed for post-P45 PAYE on employee shares and options from 6 April 2012
  15. Contracts for Differences
  16. Acquisition of shares by employees – loan of purchase price by employer
  17. Exercise of options followed by the sale of the resulting shares for initial and deferred consideration
  18. Acquisition of shares from a leaving employee by an existing shareholder and existing non-employee shareholder
  19. Lapse of options and accounting consequences
  20. Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes
  21. Disguised remuneration: EBT share purchases
  22. Disguised remuneration: early receipt of shares
  23. Disguised remuneration: gross misconduct forfeiture condition
  24. Disguised remuneration: payments by a Bidder to employees of Target
  25. Disguised remuneration: where the employing company leaves a group
  26. Disguised remuneration: Termination Payment
  27. Disguised remuneration: earnings charges and CGT
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