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Note of Mini-Meeting with HMRC on 30 June 2010

Note of Mini-Meeting with HMRC. Various matters discussed including: (1) HMRC Announcements: New head of ESSU HMRC manpower ESSU clerical work moved to Nottingham Minister Partly-paid shares (2) Bank payroll tax (3) CSOP changes (4) Geared growth/EBT/DOTAS consultation on geared growth share plans Legislation on employee trusts DOTAS (5) Option exchanges (6) Residence (7) SAYE […]

Agenda for Meeting with Richard Regan of ABI on 14 September 1999

Agenda for meeting with Richard Regan of the ABI to discuss the ABI’s Guideline Principles on share-based incentive schemes issued on 19 July 1999, with particular reference to performance conditions, individual value limits, cost to shareholders/comparative valuation and co-investment awards.

Minutes of Meeting with Richard Regan of the ABI on 14 September 1999

Minutes of a meeting with the ABI on 14 September 1999. Considers the new ABI guidelines and, in particular: dilution limits; 42 day period for granting options; requirement to disclose the cost and expected value of benefits; and individual limits.

Employee Benefit Trusts

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